Request for Consultancy Firm Proposal to Organize COMESA IPAs’ Investment Opportunity Identification Webinar Series

The overall objective is to strengthen the capacity of COMESA National Investment Promotion Agencies (NIPAs) in identifying, collecting data and information, packaging and promoting comprehensive investment project/opportunity offer for potential investors.


  • The participants are able to:
    • Understand what is an investment opportunity;
    • Identify bankable Investment project/investment opportunities in line with country’s development agenda;
    • Data/information needed to create a complete investment opportunity profile;
    • Best practices in investment opportunities profiling and projects identification;
    • Build investment opportunity profiling templates;
    • Data frequently required by investors to facilitate their investment-decision making process;
    • How to present a comprehensive investment project/opportunity offer for an investor;
    • How to collect, categorize, publish and promote investment opportunities available in their respective Member State; and
    • Efficient techniques to create awareness of existing investment opportunities and attracting investors.

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