Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications Unit backstops all communication activities that COMESA undertakes, both within and outside the organization. It works to maintain consistent flow of information between COMESA and its diverse publics across the region and beyond by raising public awareness on regional integration initiatives and galvanizing broad support for the realization of the vision of the Common Market.


The Unit uses a wide range of communication channels, tools and techniques to achieve the COMESA corporate communication imperatives as follows;

Publicity and media relations
The Unit coordinates press coverage of all COMESA events locally and regionally through mobilization of journalists, organizing press conferences and interviews, preparing and issuing press releases, coordinating responses to press questionnaires among others. It conducts the annual COMESA Media Awards Scheme by identifying, recognizing and awarding individual journalists from the Member States who contribute to the objective of regional integration through their works in print, broadcast and online media. The Unit maintains a database and network of journalists from across the region for sharing information and news on the implementation of COMESA programmes in 19 Member States.

Audio/visual productions
COMESA Corporate Communications Unit covers all key events through video, print and photography. This includes production of video documentaries and news clips for news in in online platforms and for sharing with media houses.

Production of publications
The Unit identifies and packages technical information into editorial content on various COMESA activities in the form of newsletters, brochures, fliers, booklets and digital publications. This includes graphic design works for publications and other promotional and assorted publicity merchandize.

Online media optimization
The Unit generates and disseminates regular news updates through COMESA website and social media platforms. This includes u[dating the online photo and video galleries.

Corporate relations
The Unit conducts study tours and lectures on regional integration for stakeholders including students and professionals groups such as the media and others.

The Unit maintains high visibility of the COMESA brand and identity through branding, advertising, design and placement of billboards in strategic areas and other publicity tools.

Mr. Mwangi Gakunga
Head - Corporate Communications

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