Simplified Trade Regime (STR) Consultant

The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) has received a grant from the World Bank towards the cost of the Great Lakes Trade Facilitation Project and intends to apply a portion of the proceeds of this grant to eligible payments under the contract  for  provision of  technical and advisory services in the implementation of activities related to Simplified Trade Regime (STR) under the Great Lakes Trade Facilitation Project.

The COMESA is implementing the Simplified Trade Regime (STR) in seven Member States with the aim of facilitating small-scale trade at selected border posts.

The objective of the consultancy service  is to provide technical and advisory services in the implementation of activities related to the STR in the GLTFP project countries for the benefit of relevant stakeholders, namely, national policy makers and trade officials, border officials including local government Ministries in charge of Trade/Gender, customs, immigration, police, health, Cross-Border Traders Associations (CBTAs), Small –Scale Cross-Border Traders, especially women, the private sector such as Chambers of Commerce and Non-governmental Organisations, and the border communities in general. This will include training of relevant stakeholders,  formation of Cross Border Traders Associations where they do not yet exist and capacity building of existing ones to make them more effective, review of functioning of the STR where currently implemented, and developing proposals for improvement of the STR. In addition to supporting implementation, the individual consultant will also assist in conducting stakeholder’s dialogue, carrying out relevant analytical work on emerging needs/issues and developing strategies for wider coverage and sustainability of the GLTFP STR outputs beyond the current project implementing Member States of Rwanda, DRC and Uganda.

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