SPS Assistant Coordinator

COMESA seeks to create a vibrant and dynamic common market in which business will thrive and expand regionally and internationally. Through the SPS programme, COMESA aims to enhance the SPS capacity of the public and private sector of member states in order to gain and maintain regional and international market access for food and agricultural products. The African Union’s (AU) Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP) identifies development of trade related capacity as a priority area, the 2nd of CAADP’s 4 pillars being “Rural Infrastructure and Trade-Related Capacities for improved market access”. SPS capacity has various elements, and resides in both private and public sectors organizations, as well as in their ability to work together. National SPS capacity also has a regional dimension, which defines activities/interventions of the COMESA SPS programme, i.e, strengthening the SPS capacities of member countries, in part through harmonizing SPS approaches and measures.  Further, COMESA has developed regulations on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures, which guide SPS harmonization activities and are currently under implementation. Similarly, the Tripartite Agreement to merge the Free Trade Areas (FTAs) of COMESA, EAC and SADC includes an Annex (10) on SPS Measures under Article 29(3), committing the three RECs to cooperate and implement programmes to harmonize SPS measures and requirements. Key priorities have been identified under Annex 10 of the Tripartite FTA Agreement, which the 3 RECs are committed to implement.

Description of the Assignments 

COMESA therefore seeks the services of a short term SPS consultant to carry out the following tasks: 

  1. Support implementation of the SPS programme activities under RDOAG
  2. Assist in the preparation of Aide memoirs, activity budgets and project reports as required by the Secretariat and partners.
  3. Take lead on preparations for the regional workshops and trainings, follow-up and monitor the harmonization and implementation of SPS import requirement in member states
  4. Assist the SPS Expert and member states to develop SPS projects for identified capacity building priorities
  5. Coordinate and participate in regional and country level activities to support implementation of the SPS Programme
  6. Take lead on preparations for the SPS Technical Working Group meetings and the Regional SPS Subcommittee.

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