Dr. Alick MhizhaChief - Conference Services

work experience
  • University of Zimbabwe 16 years progressive employment
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management Lecturer
  • Corporate and NGO professional training projects coordinato
  • Corporate events and exhibitions coordinator
  • Deputy Dean, Faculty of Commerce
  • PhD Commerce: Strategic Management in Small and Medium Scale Businesses (2014)
  • MSc: Tourism & Hospitality Management (2002)
  • MA: French, Socio-cultural Anhtropology & Linguistics (1999)
  • BA: French & Portuguese (Linguistics and Socio-cultural Anhtropology (1994)

Dr. Alick Mhizha is the Chief – Conference services having joined COMESA in June 2016. Dr. Mhizha is responsible for planning, organisation and service of COMESA conferences, meetings, seminars, and workshops. He draws up the annual calendar of meetings; Involved in the recruitment of conference interpreters and translators; Works out the logistics of organising conferences; budgeting; Supervision of writing, processing and distribution of documents and reports to the member States; and the reproduction and keeping custody of documents and official records of meetings.

Dr Mhizha also ensures that translation and interpretation services are provided in a very satisfactory manner to all meetings and conferences of COMESA by identifying qualified and experienced interpreters and translators for meetings.

Dr. Mhizha is also incharge of the reproduction, electronic archiving and distribution of documents before and during conferences and meetings of COMESA.


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