Supply and Installation of Data Centre at the COMESA Secretariat HQ


The proposals submission date to tender for the supply and installation of data centre at the COMESA Secretariat HQ has been extended for ten (10) days.

The Tender closing date is subsequently revised as indicated below:

Original Closing Date : 26th March 2018 at 15.00 hours, Zambia time.
New/Revised Closing Date: 06th April 2018 at 15.00 hours, Zambia time

  1. A list of the answered clarification points will be posted on the website on Tuesday 27th March 2018 to enables the interested bidders to submit their proposals.
  2. All other terms and conditions of the original tender remain unchanged.


The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, COMESA is a regional economic grouping comprising 19 member states spanning Northern, Eastern and Southern Africa. It has an area of about 12 million square kilometers and a population of over 380 million people. COMESA launched its Customs Union in 2009 and the next stage is the formation of a Monetary Union and the establishment of a Common Market.

The Vision of COMESA is to become a fully integrated international competitive regional economic community, within which there is economic prosperity, demonstrated high living standards of its people with political and social stability within which goods and services, capital and labor move freely across national borders. The Mission of COMESA is to deliver excellent technical services to member states for the advancement of sustainable growth and development through regional integration.

The Data Centre houses computing servers and core network resources that require high availability, limited and controlled physical access to the facility, protected from fire and safety hazard, adequately supplied with power utility, controlled heat and ventilation system, to ensure critical services are always operating.

The main objectives of this project include:
(i) Design, supply and Installation of a containerized Data Centre facilities and perform
the necessary Civil Work.
(ii) Training for the COMESA IT Network Staff in Data Centre Technologies.
In the foregoing regard, COMESA seeks the services of a qualified firm to undertake the supply and installation of Data Centre at its offices at COMESA Secretariat located along Ben Bella Road in Lusaka, Zambia.

The TOR of the system is attached as Annex A to this document.

Click on the link below for more details:-

Supply and Installation of Data Centre at the COMESA Secretariat HQ

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