Supplying Leather Processing Equipment

Within the framework of the COMESA Regional Integration Project funded by the EU, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Trade is inviting a number of qualified suppliers to bid for supplying Leather processing equipment by public tender in accordance with the technical specifications in the tender brochure and in conformity with the provisions of Procurement and Contracting Law of 2010 and the Regulations on Procuring, Contracting, and Surplus Disposal of 2011 of the Republic of Sudan, according to the following pre-requisites:

  • Initial deposit of 2% of the total of the bidding with an accredited cheque or bank letter of credit valid for three months. The 2% shall be completed to 10% by the winner, and refunded to the non-winners,
  • Valid tax clearance certification,
  • Valid Zakat (alms) clearance certification,
  • A copy of the certificate of the registration of the company or the name of business,
  • Payment of the legal stamp duties,
  • Added Value registration certification,
  • A copy of the tax identification number,
  • Certification of solvency,
  • A copy of the curriculum vitae that includes the technical experience, operations and entities that were supplied to (if any),
  • Tender brochure can be obtained at the premises of the Ministry of Trade, Jama st., 3rd floor, office no. 78, against 2,000.00 Sudanese pound,
  • Biddings are submitted in one original copy and two copies in an envelope sealed with red wax and be place in the Tender Box at the office of the Regional Integration Porject,
  • Any bidding that is incompliant with the conditions shall not be considered,
  • Deadline for submission is Monday, 09 April 2018 at 12:00 hrs,
  • Representatives of companies are permitted to attend the session of opening the biddings,
  • The Agent is not obliged to accept the highest or the lowest bidding,
  • For inquiries: 0965740624 – 0912379407.


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