Nairobi, Sunday, August, 6, 2017:  COMESA Elections Observers’ teams today left the capital Nairobi heading to the countryside where they will observe polling in 29 out of the 47 counties in the country in the Tuesday General Elections.

COMESA Secretary General Sindiso Ngwenya who was in Nairobi flagged-off the teams representing 10 out of the 19 COMESA Member States. These include Malawi, Zambia, Egypt, D R Congo Eritrea, Libya, Burundi, Sudan, Rwanda and Zimbabwe as well as staff from the COMESA Secretariat.

The teams will observe polling in the following regions of Kenya: Coast, Eastern, Central, Western, Rift Valley, Nyanza and Nairobi. Former Zimbabwe Minister of Justice, Ambassador Simbi Mubako is leading the observer Mission and will be based in Nairobi County.

The COMESA Mission will observe the various stages of voting, vote counting and declaration of election results. Shortly after election day, the Mission will converge in the Capital to issue a preliminary statement of its findings, and later present a final report with recommendations for improvement of future electoral practices in Kenya.