COVID-19 Response Measures in Member States #17

  Measures in COMESA MS in Response to Covid Vol 17 – Aug 7

COVID-19 in COMESA: Coping with the Pandemic

In the initial stages, the focus on Covid-19 response was on prevention of community transmissions. However, with the continued spread and increase in the numbers of new cases, Member States in the region have started adopting country-specific prevention frameworks to limit the spread of the virus and support businesses. COVID-19 in COMESA_Situational Update #24

EOI – CBC BIZNET e-Market Hub Upgrading – IT Consulting Firm

INTRODUCTION The COMESA Business Council (CBC) is the recognized Business Member Organization, established as a private sector institution of COMESA. We represent the interests of business sectors at a regional level.  The services provided go beyond advocacy, to actively promote business participation in regional integration, investment and global trade. This is done by facilitating the…
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COMESA COVID-19 Food Security and Nutrition Plan Adopted

Tuesday 4th August 2020: Ministers responsible for agriculture, environment and natural resources have adopted the COMESA COVID-19 Food Security Response Plan to help the region deal with the impacts of Covid-19 on regional food security. In their 7th joint meeting conducted virtually, the Ministers expressed concern about the unfolding effects of Covid-19 on food and…
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Courtesy: Ministry of Agriculture, Kenya

COMESA Sugar Safeguard on Kenya is Paying-Off

Tuesday, August 4, 2020: The sugar industry in Kenya has steadily expanded over the years, currently with 15 white sugar mills being opened and several jaggery (healthy sugar alternative) operators in place. This development has been attributed to the safeguard granted by COMESA since 2002 when the government sought protection from importation of cheap sugar…
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Improved Seed Trade, will Unlock Regional Food Security

Sustainable agriculture is an essential factor to advancing trade within COMESA and the rest of Africa. Over the last two decades, Africa has remained a net food importer, with agricultural accounting for about 60% of Africa’s total trade in agricultural products. Furthermore, agricultural product imports account for around 13% of total imports. The COVID-19 pandemic…
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COVID-19 Response Measures in Member States # 16

Consolidated list of measures that Member States have put in place in response to COVID-19. Measures in COMESA MS in Response to Covid-19, Vol 16

Smooth Flow of Traffic Across COMESA, EAC, SADC Expected,as Tripartite Council of Ministers Adopt New Guidelines

July 31, 2020: The Tripartite Council of Ministers of three regional economic communities in the eastern and southern Africa have approved new harmonized trade and transport facilitation guidelines. The Tripartite Guidelines for the Movement of Persons, Goods and Services across the Tripartite Region During COVID-19 Pandemic, consolidates those developed earlier by COMESA, the East African…
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COMESA COVID-19 Food Security Response Plan Underway

Lusaka, Tuesday, July 28, 2020: The COMESA Secretariat has developed a draft COVID-19 Regional Food and Nutrition Security Response Plan to improve agricultural productivity, enhance access to competitive markets and trade in agri-food commodities in the region. Implementation of the Plan is expected to create synergies and complement existing initiatives in the region and Member…
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Sudan’s New Law Allowing Women to Travel with their Children, Hailed

July 28, 2020: The move by the Government of Sudan to allow women to travel outside the country with their children without their father’s permission, and for criminalizing female genital mutilation has won accolades from COMESA gender experts. Director of Gender and Social Affairs Division Mrs. Beatrice Hamusonde says the move by Sudan recognizes women…
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