Anthems & Symbols


People of Africa
Your dream is a reality
Women and men and children
COMESA is yours –
Wonderful COMESA!

Wonderful COMESA
Forward with COMESA
COMESA is key to prosperity
And unity

People of Africa
Rise up and unite as one
Hard work is key to prosperity
United we stand –
Wonderful COMESA!

Africa rise and shine
This is your hour of joy
The future is bright and full of hope
We shall succeed –
Wonderful COMESA!

Blessed is Africa
Land of resources and wealth
COMESA’s hand will till this land
the harvest will come –
Wonderful COMESA!

Leaders of COMESA
Thank you for leading us through
Making us one is your vision
It shall be done –
Wonderful COMESA!

People of Africa
Rejoice in COMESA’s work
It is the hope for the future
It is the key –
Wonderful COMESA!

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COMESA Anthem (instrumental)