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COVID-19 Response Measures in Member States # 16

Consolidated list of measures that Member States have put in place in response to COVID-19. Measures in COMESA MS in Response to Covid-19, Vol 16

eCOMESA Newsletter Issue No. 632

In this Edition 1. Free Flow of Traffic Across COMESA, EAC, SADC Expected 2. COMESA COVID-19 Food Security Response Plan Underway 3.Zambia Readies to Deal with Structuralm Vulnerabilities under the COMESA Early Warning System Support 4. Sudan’s New Law Allowing Women to Travel with their Children Hailed 5. Taking Stock of the Implementation of Regional…
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Sixty Merger Cases Assessed by COMESA Competition Commission

Sixty companies in the region submitted requests for mergers to the COMESA Competition Commission (CCC) last year. Notable among those considered was that of Uber and Careem ride hailing companies. In that transaction, the parties undertook to create a specific division for research and development to enhance service delivery to the consumers. According to CCC…
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Democratic Gains in the Region Face COVID-19 Test

Lusaka, Wednesday, April, 15, 2020: With the outbreak and the global spread of the Coronavirus, the looming socio-economic and political ramifications will be severe. This is largely because of the costly but necessary measures that have been established to contain the spread. According to an analytical report prepared by the Governance, Peace and Security (GPS)…
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Lusaka, Tuesday, March 24, 2020: Since the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic on 11th March 2020, the COMESA region has continued to record cases of the virus. Data from global sources indicate that to date, 24rd March 2019, over 80% of COMESA Member States (17 countries) have so far reported…
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Tunisia to Begin Trading under the COMESA FTA

Lusaka, Tuesday, March 10, 2020: Tunisia can now export its products to 15 member States of the COMESA Free Trade Area without paying import duties after completing the process of developing and issuing the legal instruments for trading. In a communication by the Tunisia Minister of Trade Hon. Mohamed Msilini to COMESA Secretary General Chileshe…
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COMESA Institutions to Partner with AeTrade Group in Regional Trade Facilitation

The COMESA Business Council (CBC) and Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute (ALLPI) have joined forces with AeTrade Group to advance intra-Africa trade. This will be done through cooperation on matters of digital business facilitation, technical skills development, trade partnerships and private sector development, with a specific focus on empowering Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).…
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COMESA to Lead Regional Meat and Live Animal Value Chain

COMESA will lead in the identification of comprehensive data and information for the meat and live animal value chain for southern and Horn of Africa required for inclusion in the design of the third Animal Resource Information System (ARIS 3). This was part of the outcomes of a consultative workshop organized by AU- IBAR in…
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COMESA/ ASARECA Sign Pact to Promote Agriculture

Lusaka, Monday, October 7, 2019: In the current fast-changing global economy, innovations, improved technologies and practices are key to agricultural transformation as they support smallholder farmers and other agricultural producers to become competitive. Not only do they increase agricultural productivity and sustainability, but they also reduce losses in the value chains thus enabling adaptation and…
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