Madagascar is an island situated 400 km off the east coast of Africa, separated from the mainland by the Mozambique Channel. It is the fourth largest island in the world, stretching 1,580 km from north to south and 600 km from east to west, with a coastline of about 5,000 km. There are six main provinces namely, Antananarivo, Antsiranana, Fianarantsoa, Mahajanga, Toamasina, and Toliary. Antananarivo is both the administrative and commercial capital of the country;. Madagascar is a key producer of fish, contributing sales of crabs, prawns, mussels and other seafood to the economy.

Country Profile

Head of State: H. E. RAJOELINA Andry Nirina
Head of Government: NTSAY Christian
Capital City: Antananarivo
Independence Day: 26 June 1960
Official Languages: Malagasy and French
Currency: Malagasy ariary (MGA ) 1 MG = 100 centime
Area/Size of country (km²): 587,295
Population: 27.6 million
Natural resources: Graphite, chromite, coal, bauxite, rare earth elements, salt, quartz, oil sands, semiprecious stones, mica, fish, hydropower
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Ministry Responsible for COMESA Affairs

HE. Ms. Rafaravavitafika Rasata
Ministère des Affaires etrangeres
BP 836
Rue Andriamifidy, Anosy
République de Madagascar
Fax : +261 202234484
Tél: +261 34 37 847 43


Permanent Representative To COMESA

Monsieur Kola Emi-Haulain
Secrétaire général du Ministère des Affaires Étrangères
1, rue Andriamifidy, Anosy
Tél : +261 34 49 555 89 / +261 34 66 635 44
Courriel :;

Focal Point

Madame ZAFISAMBATRA Fara Nevao
Chef du Service COMESA-Tripartite
Direction de l’Intégration régionale
Ministère des Affaires Etrangères
Tel. : +261 34 666 24 41 / 

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