Our Activities

Executive Office of the Secretary-General
Office of the Secretary-General
Trade & Customs Division
The final objective of cooperation in Trade, Customs and Monetary Affairs is to achieve a fully integrated, internationally..
Corporate Communications
Corporate Communications Unit backstops all communication activities that COMESA undertakes, both within and outside the …
Legal & Corporate Affairs
The function of the Division is to provide legal advisory services to the policy organs of the organization as well as the….
Infrastructure & Logistics
COMESA has recognized infrastructure development as a priority and strategic focus area that requires special attention…
Internal Audit
The role of Internal Audit is to provide independent, objective assurance and advisory services designed to add value and..
Statistics Unit
The COMESA Treaty provides the policy context for the development of a statistics in the COMESA region. The treaty…
Information & Networking Division
The Information and Networking Division is responsible for implementation and maintenance of Common Market’s Information..
Industry & Agriculture
The COMESA Industrial Policy (2015) and strategy (2017) are in line with the COMESA Treaty in its Article 99 on cooperation in…
Governance, Peace & Security
The COMESA Governance Peace and Security (GPS) Programme derives its mandate from Article 3(d) of the COMESA Treaty..
Strategic Planning
The Strategic Planning, Research and Policy Harmonisation Unit of COMESA Secretariat takes the lead in developing …
Administration Division
The Division of Administration offers a key support service to the COMESA Secretariat. The mandate of the division is to provide,..
Gender & Social Affairs
The Gender and Social Affairs Division in the COMESA Secretariat, exists to provide leadership, direction and oversight of ..
Conference Services
The Unit provides support services to the Secretariat and Member States in terms of organisation and management of..
Resource Mobilisation
The COMESA Industrial Policy (2015) and strategy The objective of the unit is to contribute to the impact, efficiency…
Budget & Finance
The Budget and Finance Division’s role is to provide Member States, Management, Secretariat and other stakeholders with financial services,..