Request for Proposals for the Development of the COMESA Competition Commission Payroll Management System

  1. The COMESA Competition Commission (the Commission) is established under Article 6 of the COMESA Competition Regulations (“the Regulations”). The Regulations were promulgated by the COMESA Council of Ministers (“the Council”) in 2004 under Article 55 of the COMESA Treaty (“the Treaty”).
  2. Pursuant to Article 2 of the Regulations, the Commission is mandated to promote and encourage competition within the Common Market by, inter alia, preventing restrictive business practices that deter the efficient operation of markets thereby facilitating the regional integration agenda. The ultimate goal of the Regulations is to enhance the welfare of consumers in the Common Market by protecting them against anti-competitive conduct by market actors. The core focus areas under the Regulations include investigation of anti-competitive business practices and conduct; mergers and acquisitions; and consumer rights violations. To implement its mandate under the Regulations, the Commission regularly engages and cooperates with the Member States through sensitization, advocacy programmes, capacity building, technical assistance and provision of advisory opinions.
  3. The Commission wishes to procure a Payroll Management System (PMS) that will be a digital platform to support its payroll processes. The System will help streamline benefits administration, payroll management, employee data, and compensation management. It will also leverage technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the management of the Payroll functions and ensure the reliability and integrity of the Payroll functions and ensure the reliability and integrity of the data.

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