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Sudan is located in the north east Africa between latitudes 23.8 and 8.45 north of the Equator and longitudes 21.49 and 38.34 east. Order in the world in terms of area is sixteenth, 2th in African & 3th in the Arab countries with an area of approximately (1,882,000 sq km) and has common borders with 7 African countries, Egypt, Libya in the north, Chad and the Central African Republic in the west, South Sudan in the south and Ethiopia, Eritrea and Red Sea in the East.

President: His Excellency Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman al-BurhanPrime Minister: The Right Honourable Abdullah Hamdok

Capital City: Khartoum
Independence Day: 1st January 1956
Languages: Arabic and English
Currency: The unit of currency is the Sudanese Pound (SDG)
Area/Size of Country (km): 1.886 million km²

Natural Resources: chromium ore, copper, iron ore, mica, silver,
gold, tungsten, and zinc.

Time Zone: GMT+3

Population: 39 million
Government website:

Ministry Responsible for COMESA Affairs

Hon. Mrs Amal Salih Saal

Acting Minister of Trade and Supply

P.O. Box 194


Tel: +249 9968360844

Fax: +249 183 776359


National COMESA Focal Point

Mr. Nadir Elrayah Awad

Head of COMESA Coordinating Unit

Ministry of Industry and Trade

P.O. Box 194


Tel: 251- 5516123/ 251-911463940

Cell: +249912379407

Fax: +249 183 776359


Permanent Secretary in Lusaka

Mr. Abadi Nulerldin Abdelrahman Nureldin

Ambassador of the Republic of Sudan to Zambia and Malawi

31 Ngumbo Road – Longacres

Private Bag 179X Ridgeway

LUSAKA – Zambia,

Tel: +260 211 252116/7

Cell: +260 955184580

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