Media Brief: Launch of Apala One-Stop Youth Hub in Uganda

Introduction and Background

Uganda’s youth, constituting 34.8% of the population, grapple with challenges in security, inequality, and governance critical for sustainable peace. Despite strides towards peace and growth, threats linger, including social divisions fueled by conflicts over resources like land and minerals. The historical impact of the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) in Northern Uganda continues to haunt communities.


COMESA in partnership with Save the Children, Horn of Africa Youth Network, Epuka Ugaidi and the National Youth Council have conducted regional training for the Apala Youth on Silencing the Guns Campaigns and has further worked with the Apala Youth and community to support the establishment of a One-Stop Youth Hub.

The establishment of the Apala One-Stop Youth Hub signifies a pivotal milestone, providing youth with a tangible space for active engagement in peace-building efforts. Beyond collective impact, the hub fosters community, empowerment, skill-building, mentorship, and leadership development, laying the groundwork for a resilient future.


  1. Empower youth through skills, mentorship, and engagement in peace-building for effective community impact.
  2. Foster inclusivity and collaboration by establishing a hub for diverse youth backgrounds to unite and work towards common goals.
  3. Equip a cadre of skilled individuals in youth-focused peacebuilding strategies and hub management through specialized training.
  4. Contribute to long-term community resilience by imparting skills for conflict prevention and sustainable peace.

Expected Outcome

  1. Improved inclusivity and social cohesion via the hub as a platform for diverse youth collaboration.
  2. Enhanced peacebuilding expertise among youth, enabling effective community contribution.
  3. Increased community resilience and sustainable peace through conflict prevention skills.
  1. Launch and Operationalization of the One-Stop Youth Center.
  2. Training 20 youth with managerial skills.
  3. Knowledge Dissemination and Best Practices Documentation.

Target Group/Participation

The launch event aims to engage a diverse audience, including local youth, district policymakers, community representatives, and partner organizations. This inclusive approach fosters meaningful dialogue and collaboration for sustained impact.

The Apala One-Stop Youth Hub’s launch heralds a new era of youth empowerment, promising a brighter, more harmonious future for Uganda.


Partners will be conducting capacity building trainings from the 18th – 20th December and the official launch of the Youth Hub on 21st December

Social media engagement

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