Innovations Unveiled at the COMESA Research Forum

Nairobi, Friday, September 5, 2019: New innovative products that provides solutions to contemporary challenges, were unveiled at the 6th COMESA Annual Research Forum that took place in Nairobi, 2 – 6 September 2019. Five transformative innovations focusing on new products, new methods of production and new ways of improving technology were presented.

They included BRIISP Power System (BPS) a power system that sustains power almost in its normal range despite being used. Developed by a young Zambian university student Billy Munyenyembe the innovation has the potential to increase power access and reduce inconsistency of power supply.

Making his presentation at the Forum, Billy cited the acute power shortages facing African countries and particularly his country Zambia, which is currently facing power rationing of up to six hours a day, as one the factors that inspired him to come up with a solution.

“Sufficient power is critical to meet the demand of local and eventually global market, youth empowerment and massive job creation in the process, which will also contribute positively to the economic growth and poverty eradication in Zambia,” he said.

The other innovation presented at the Forum was African Gate (AFGT) by Giza Moto company of Egypt. AFGT is a trade platform intended to create value by exchanging goods with the potential of re-exporting to new markets and thereby expanding inter- African Trade.

AFGT will work as a Business to Business platform for commodities and products exchange through the Countertrade system between the Hub and the branch in each country. Countertrade system provides a mechanism for countries with limited access to liquid funds to exchange goods and services with other nations.

Presenting the innovation, Mr Mohamed Gaber said: “The major benefit of countertrade is it facilitates conservation of foreign currency, which is a prime consideration for cash-strapped nations and provides an alternative to traditional financing that may not be available in developing nations.”

Other innovations presented were the M-Flock, an internet-based application that gives farmers access to information and essential services such as Veterinary services, financial institutions, Insurance Companies and other Livestock value chain players.

Presenting the system, Mr. Ancietos Mwansa from Zambia described the product as a comprehensive solution for livestock farmers to support enhanced production and also connect them to vital players in their agricultural ecosystem.

A car-pooling system known as “Twende” developed by Mr. Ramah Madiba of Kenya was presented. The platform was developed to provide to provide means to connect drivers and passengers travelling in same direction. Through car-pooling, travel costs are reduced, efficiency enhanced and there is collective reduction of carbon footprint.

The other innovation was presented by a Zambian, Mr. Prince Malupande of Innovative Africa 360. Its objective is to create a market for creative innovations from various groups of individuals and start-ups in Africa. Currently, the company is promoting a Cholera preventer innovation, that detects and prevents the bacteria that causes the disease.


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