Business Facilitation Handbook is Unveiled

A business handbook aimed at facilitating regional trade by providing market information to inform business partnerships and investments has been launched.

The 43-paged COMESA Business Council Handbook was unveiled in Nairobi, Kenya during the opening of the COMESA Source 21 High Level Business Dialogue and International Trade Fair on 17 July 2019.

The publication showcases products and opportunities that exist in each of the 21 COMESA Member States including the countries performance in intra-COMESA trade.

The publication is expected to address the lack of access to information across African economies, which undermines the intra-African trade potential which is further compounded by the fragmented nature of the respective markets.

Immediate former Chair of the CBC Dr. Amany Asfour unveiled the handbook describing it as essential tool for all investors.

“We saw it necessary to consolidate relevant trade and economic information and opportunities within the 21 countries hence producing this handbook,” Dr Asfour added.  “The information therein can be used by potential and existing investors to target the desired sector or area of investment.”

The handbook will also be available online at

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