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RCTG CARNET rolled out in Northern Corridor

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The Regional Customs Transit Guarantee (RCTG CARNET) has been rolled out in the Northern Corridor which encompasses Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. This means that border points in the named countries are from December 2011 issuing Carnet for goods in transit from Mombasa, Kenya to Kampala, Uganda. All the Carnet issued are been successfully processed and acquitted on successful completion of the transit at final destination.

A CARNET is a security printed document that is used throughout the transit process as proof of a valid guarantee and an undertaking to comply with customs obligations within each transited jurisdiction. The COMESA RCTG Scheme is a component of the COMESA Protocol on Transit Trade and Transit Facilitation.
This issuing of the CARNET follows extensive review of the system by Customs Administrations, Sureties, Clearing and Forwarding companies and other stakeholders,

The Reinsurance Pool of the RCTG CARNET, established with a start-up working capital of one million Dollars (US$1m) to strengthen the guarantee given to Customs Administrations, has started its operations. The Pool was established to   provide additional security to Sureties in order to ensure the full protection of government revenue, in case the Sureties fail to meet their obligations due to reasons beyond their control.

Currently, the companies selected to kick start the operations of the RCTG CARNET have continued issuing Carnets and rollout activities are being continued, jointly by Customs Administration and COMESA Secretariat, to involve all the Member States in the Northern and Central Corridors and gradually increase the number of stakeholders participating in the operations of the scheme. The rollout is also expected to commence in Djibouti –Ethiopia and the North-South Corridors.

The COMESA RCTG Scheme is a Customs transit regime designed to facilitate the movement of goods under Customs seals in the COMESA region and to provide the required Customs security and guarantee to the transit countries.

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