Current Opportunities 

Current vacancies are always advertised on the COMESA website and also in Member States. You can view current vacancies and submit your details as a “Personal Profile”.

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Working at the COMESA Secretariat

A career at the COMESA Secretariat means a lot of things. You will be working in a truly diverse environment, interacting with more than 250 staff members from about 21 countries. Your workplace will be Lusaka, Zambia, at the COMESA Secretariat. You will have the opportunity to work in COMESA’s three official languages — English, French and Arabic — and participate in the evolution of multilateral trade. If you find this appealing, a career at COMESA could be for you!

Why Work at COMESA?

Do you believe that trade plays an essential role in supporting economic growth and development around the world?

Do you want trade to be as inclusive as possible so that the gains from trade are better shared across the society?

If your answer to these questions is yes, COMESA offers you the opportunity to be part of an organization that aims to ensure trade flows as freely as possible so that its benefits can be shared as widely as possible.


COMESA Secretariat maintains a variety of internship programmes for post-graduate students from COMESA Member States. Internship selections are based on merit, taking account of eligibility criteria, academic qualifications and expertise.


Applications MUST be submitted through the Coordinating Ministries of the respective member States on the prescribed COMESA APPLICATION FORM. Applications submitted directly to the Secretariat will not be considered and only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
Download Job Application Forms 1. Arabic
2. English
3. French


COMESA’s compensation policy is based on the principle of equal pay for work of equal value.
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The COMESA Secretariat employs over 300 staff from around 21 COMESA member countries. Staff roles include legal officers, trade policy analysts and specialists, research economists and statisticians, who help to ensure that trade negotiations progress smoothly and that the rules of international trade are correctly implemented. Other roles include communication officers, translators and interpreters, professionals in finance, IT, HR, etc. who support COMESA’s mission.


Analysts / Specialists and Legal / Economic Affairs Officers
Trade policy analysts/specialists and legal/economic affairs officers work in various divisions of COMESA Secretariat. In addition to providing specialist advice in their respective divisions, they provide support to bodies serviced by COMESA divisions (e.g. committees, working parties, negotiating groups, etc.) and contribute to trade policy review mechanisms established at COMESA. They also conduct research and analysis and deliver technical assistance and training on relevant topics.

Requirements: An advanced university degree in international relations, economics, law or a relevant field, knowledge of relevant COMESA agreements and the COMESA system, a high level of drafting skills, research and analytical skills, presentation skills as well as the ability to work as part of a multicultural team.

Statisticians provide quantitative information on economic and trade policy issues. They collect and organize trade-related data, maintain the relevant COMESA databases, and undertake data analysis and dissemination. The output of COMESA statisticians is made available to the relevant COMESA committees and is utilised in trade policy reviews and in other areas of research.

Requirements: An advanced university degree or equivalent in a quantitative subject such as mathematics, statistics or economics, knowledge of statistical concepts, good IT skills of use for statistical analysis and database/information management, ability to work as part of a multicultural team. 

Research Economists undertake research on policy-related topics in connection with COMESA’s activities. More specifically, they take a lead role in preparing COMESA’s flagship publications, produce other analytical reports and provide economic expertise to other parts of the Secretariat as required. They also deliver technical assistance and training on the relevant topics.

Requirements: An advanced university degree, preferably a Ph.D., knowledge of international trade and other branches of economics, analytical skills, policy-oriented research skills, high level of drafting skills and presentation skills, ability to work as part of a multicultural team.

Lawyers contribute to the dispute settlement process of COMESA by assisting a panel established for a dispute or the Appellate Body members considering an appeal. Their role is to deliver substantive legal advice and to conduct research on legal, technical or procedural issues in dispute settlement or appellate proceedings.

Requirements: An advanced university degree in law (including international trade law and public international law), knowledge of international, legal and economic principles and issues, adjudicative process and practice, a high level of legal drafting skills, analytical and problem-solving skills and presentation skills, as well as the ability to work as part of a multicultural team.