Senior Customs Affairs Officer – P4

Under the direct supervision of the Director of Trade and Customs and overall supervision of the Assistant Secretary General (Programmes), you shall perform the following duties:-
(a) Provide substantive support for planning, implementation, coordination, supervising and evaluation of the implementation of projects and programs in COMESA Customs Cooperation, Customs laws and Procedures, Non-Tariff Barriers, Customs Reforms and Modernization, Customs Capacity Building, Free Trade Area and Customs Union as well as Trade facilitation and Regional Integration;
(b) Assist in preparing and implementing a comprehensive implementation programmes and action plans with respect to customs cooperation and trade facilitation matters in accordance to the COMESA Treaty and related legal instruments that include Protocol on Transit Trade and Transit Facilities, Customs Management Regulations (CMRs), Common Tariff Nomenclature (CTN), Protocol on Rules of Origin, Common External Tariff (CET) and Regulations on NTBs to ensure that there is uniform and efficient implementation of the Treaty by all Member States;
(a) Prepare Terms of Reference and related dossiers relating to consultancy services and assist in the supervision of consultants based on the procedures and values of the COMESA;
(b) Follow up, prepare operational and progress reports and make recommendations on simplification, standardization, harmonization, automation and digitization of trade documents, customs regulations and procedures with an aim at achieving improvement of customs cooperation and trade facilitation among the member states in accordance to the provisions of the Treaty as well as based on international standards and best practices;
(c) Provide adequate technical assistance and advise in developing/upgrading, adopting, monitoring and promoting the implementation of COMESA Digital FTA instruments that include customs management systems, trade information portal, electronic cargo tracking system, single window system, electronic certificate of origin system (eCO), e-commerce, regional payment and settlement system (REPSS), Regional Customs Bond Guarantee Scheme (RCTG-CARNET), online NTB monitoring, reporting and resolution mechanism and smart coordinated border management systems and technologies with view to improving facilitation and security of trade supply chain in the region;
(d) Provide adequate technical support or advice regarding the interpretation and implementation of the Protocol on Rules of Origin and electronic Certificate of Origin as well as uniform application of tariff classification and valuation where this is required by a member State and assisting in the settlement of disputes as and when they arise;
(e) Assist in studies to review the COMESA Rules of Origin and its implementation instruments and coordinating in the drafting of the revised Rules of Origin and Regulations as well as Procedures Manual on the implementation of the Protocol;
(f) Work closely with member States and consultants as well as World Customs Organization (WCO) in updating the CTN/CET based on the latest edition of the WCO Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) in order to ensure implementation and maintaining of a full-fledged CET;
(g) Collect, compile and disseminate Customs Tariff Compendium for all Member States to assist to compare national and COMESA tariff rates and inform the business community of the applicable tariff regime in the region;
(h) Work closely with the Member States and the UNCTAD in the development, implementation and maintenance of the Customs Automation Regional Support Centre (CARSC) at the Headquarters of the Secretariat with view to providing sustainable assistance to the Member States to design, standardize and adopt their customs management systems, trade documents and the information required to be contained in such documents in accordance with internationally accepted standards, practices and guidelines, and taking into account their possible use in computer and other automatic customs data programming systems;
(i) Prepare and deliver capacity building training programmes on customs and trade facilitation matters to public and private officials of the Member States, in consultation with the cooperating partners and the Member States. These include developing and delivering regional training materials and e-learning platform in the prioritized topics of customs and trade facilitation.
(j) Assist in undertaking study and make recommendations to adopt common procedures for the establishment and operation of one stop border post (OSBP), Customs interconnectivity and exchange of information, dry ports, free zones and ports, customs supervised factories and export drawbacks in accordance with the provisions of the Treaty and the CMRs;
(k) Undertake studies and make recommendations on comparative customs administrations and practices including customs duties, taxes and other charges, restrictions or prohibitions and customs procedures and systems in COMESA member States with view to sharing information and best practices among the Member States and improve their implementation in accordance to the provisions of the Treaty;
(l) Assist and service the Secretariat in organizing regional technical meetings and preparing background documents for the meetings that include Trade and Customs Committee, Heads of Customs Sub-Committee, Trade and Trade Facilitation Sub-Committee and other related meetings and workshops at regional and national levels;
(m) Develop and enhance cooperation and relations with member states, other organisations and co-operating partners focusing on customs and trade facilitation affairs, in the context of realizing regional integration objectives of objectives of the treaty;
(n) Assist in monitoring and keep under constant review the implementation of co-operation programmes in the region with respect to implementation of customs affairs and trade facilitation based on the Treaty; and
(q) Perform any other duties that may be assigned to him/her by the Director of Trade and Customs or the Assistant Secretary General (Programmes) from time to time.

Minimum of master’s degree in Customs Administration, Economics, Trade law, Commerce or Business Administration from an internationally recognised University is required. Specialisation in trade and customs matters is desirable. A PhD degree in Economics would be an added advantage.

At least ten (10) years of practical experience in the field of Customs administration of a Member States, regional or international organization.
Proven knowledge and understanding of theories, concepts and approaches relevant to Customs matters. Knowledge of the COMESA Treaty, Custom regulations, rules of origin, trade facilitation instruments will be an added advantage
Proficiency in computer applications with hands-on skills in a customs automation management systems and other related systems is desirable.
Ability to develop, implement and report an individual action plan for achieving specific work goals.
Good interpersonal and communication skills

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