Consultancy: Follow up Audit of the SUN Accounting System

The mission of Internal Audit is to provide independent and objective assurance and advisory services designed to add value and improve the operations of the Secretariat. In order to accomplish its mission, the Unit identifies all auditable subjects and selects audit projects for the subsequent year on the basis of certain priorities.  The 2020 Internal Audit Plan includes various types of audits such as a follow up IT audit of the Sun Accounting System.         


The broad objective of the consultancy is to conduct a follow up of the Sun Accounting System audit. The audit shall provide assurance on the adequacy of the Sun Accounting System’s authorization, completeness and accuracy controls as well as the adequacy of controls over integrity of processing and storage of data files.  In 2016, an audit of Sun Accounting System was undertaken, and it established the need to strengthen controls over authorization, completeness and accuracy of accounting data processing and storage. A need has arisen to conduct a follow up audit in order to independently assess the level of implementation of audit recommendations.              


The Auditor will be expected to deliver three major outputs upon which payment shall be pegged.

  1. Review the results of the audit of the sun accounting system and prepare a detailed audit programme for the approval of the Chief Internal Auditor.
  2. Prepare adequate working papers that address each of the audit tests. These working papers shall be reviewed for completeness and adequacy.
  3. Submit a draft audit report which shall be reviewed by management in an Audit Exit Meeting. The Auditor will take note and address Management concerns that may arise during the meeting.
  4. Draft the final audit report that incorporates comments from management arising from the audit closing meeting.

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